Being carefree & joyful is a REVOLUTIONARY act for women of color 

Are you ready to create the adventurous life you crave? 

Being a high achieving woman of color is isolating. Add to that running a profitable business, taking care of loved ones, paying attention to the issues and causes you care about, being an all-around good person….  

Girl, I’m tired just thinking about it.  

And you’re good — no, amazing — at what you do. You know how to grow your business. You listen to the experts, you study the trends, you test and apply what works for you. You’ve got this.  

But lately you’ve lifted your head up from your computer screen and realized that all of your focus has been poured into your business. You’ve been hustling so hard that you’ve started to forget who you are when you strip away all of the titles. You’ve forgotten what lights you up, what brings you joy, what you love doing that is just for you. You’ve lost yourself.  

You feel burnt-out, bored and blah.  

And you want more.

You KNOW that a wildly adventurous and soul-stirring life is possible for you as a woman of color. And I know that you can figure it out yourself. You’re a capable, driven woman who knows how to get shit done.  

But why go at it alone? I'm bringing together women just like you. Women who get it and live it and are ready for more. We'll dig in together, creating that joyful, adventurous life that you crave where you’re killing it in every aspect of your life, not just at work. We know we're capable. We know we can do all the things on our own, because that's what we've been doing. Let's kick isolation to the curb and really flourish as a community. 

It’s time to get back to:  

  • Having more fun, adventures and belly laughs every day
  • Feeling more connected to your passions and purpose
  • Feeling more at peace and present in your daily life
  • Taking chances on YOURSELF and feeling brave, courageous and free
  • Celebrating each delicious success
  • Surrounding yourself with a community of women who just get you 

It’s time to get Fresh + Free  

The Joy Collective is a 10-month long group coaching & travel program for ambitious, entrepreneurial women of color who are ready to hop off the cycle of overwhelm and burn-out and start living a life that is adventurous and soul-stirring on all levels — professionally and personally.  

The Joy Collective will help you create a life that is:  

  • On Fire: Your life will be bold, passionate and uniquely yours. You’ll take chances on yourself and build the legacy you desire
  • In Flow: You’ll feel present, at peace and fulfilled. No more feeling like parts of your life are at odds with each other.
  • Fully Integrated: You’ll create a life that fully supports you at your core, rather than feeling unbalanced or overworked 

The Joy Collective equation is simple: 

Curated Adventures + Coaching + Community  

In order to shake off those feelings of boredom and listlessness and reconnect with yourself, you’ll need:  

Curated Adventure Experiences to take you out of your day-to-day and open your eyes to what’s possible. There’s something magical about getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where time slows down and things seem more simple. Where even the smallest exploration can feel like an huge adventure.  

Transformational Coaching to uncover exactly who you are and what it is you actually want in life. We’ll get out of the trap of only chasing down your business goals and rediscover what really makes you come alive. No shoulds. Just all the delicious wants & craves & yassss girls.  

The Community who will support and cheer you on throughout the journey. Nothing happens in a vacuum. We’ll create the environment that is reflective of exactly what you need and want in your life. What fun is it going on an Eat, Pray, Love adventure all on your own?  


Why this program?

Listen, I’ve been in your shoes. When I was building my marketing agency, I was kicking ass and taking names. I was unstoppable. But then I woke up one day and realized that every goal I’d set for myself was around my business. Every conference or “retreat” I’d attended was business related. When people asked me what my hobbies were, I drew a blank. I had completely lost myself in my business. I had no idea who I even was anymore. 

You know that in order to grow your business, you need to invest in it.  

But when’s the last time you actually invested in yourself?

Here’s what I know:

Making the investment in yourself and setting aside the time to escape your routine, play in the wild, push your body to new heights and rediscover what makes you come alive is just what you need to feel on fire again.  

We all deserve to feel completely carefree -- to clear our minds of the clutter, to share belly laughs with friends, to take up space unapologetically.  

And while the concepts I’ve shared may seem simple, it’s not easy to truly change the course of your life.  

Here’s what it’ll take:

  • Your total commitment. Recognizing that something is missing and making the decision to steer your ship in a different direction is no small feat. I’ve done it, and it takes laser focus and a commitment (and re-commitment!) to doing the things you’re scared to do.
  • A time investment. Anything worth having is worth working for. You will have to put in some time and realign your priorities to get to the carefree & adventurous lifestyle you’re dreaming of. 
  • An energy investment. I’m not going to lie, we’re going to have beaucoup fun. But we’ll also unpack lots of hard blocks and truths that you’ve been living with, some for all of your life. It will take mental, physical and emotional energy to work through it, but it’ll be worth it. 
  • A financial investment. The cost of this mastermind is not cheap but it’s definitely worth it compared to continuing to live a life that is draining you little by little each day. Plus, think of all of the amazing goodness you’ll create in the world once you’re free from the stress & anxiety you’ve been feeling.

Here’s what you will get out of it:

  • The community you need – and deserve. No more feeling alone. You’ll have a community of vibrant, ambitious women of color who are cheering you on. You’ll get the support and the safe space you need in order to craft the life you truly crave. 
  • The exact steps you need to take to get where you want to go. I’ll give you my exact framework for stripping away the aspects of your life that are bringing you down. No one likes feeling like their best days are behind them (totally not true), we’ll work together to make sure your life feels full, fun-filled and well rounded. 
  • A year’s worth of adventures. I don’t mean to brag but the line-up of speakers, challenges and adventures for this mastermind are dope AF. You’ll push yourself to new heights and travel to places you never thought you would with a crew of badasses.  
  • Guidance from me, Nailah Blades Wylie. I know you’ve got this. And I’m excited to help you experience a more soul stirring life. You deserve it.
  • An adventure filled life you’re proud of. A life that leaves you fulfilled and truly filled to the brim with joy is not just for other people. It's for you too.  

I feel really strongly about bringing together the right group of women for the mastermind. I’d much rather have just a few of the perfect women than a ton of women who are not the right fit. To ensure the right mix, membership will be by application.

This program is for you if:

  • You’re an entrepreneurial women of color who has been rocking it out with her business but you’re slowly realizing that the other aspects of your life are sorely needing some attention
  • You're ready to abandon the status quo and really start living the life you've been dreaming of
  • You're ready to push yourself a little harder than you have before with an open mind and a willingness to try new experiences
  • You know that you're ready for something different but not exactly sure how to get there
  • You're willing to commit the time, money and energy to create and maintain your new life
  • You're excited to add more adventures to your life and have a lot of fun while doing so  

This program isn’t for you if:

  • You're not ready to let go of the fears or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back 
  • You have been in other masterminds and haven’t made the time to do the work, show up for the calls, or interact with the other participants.
  • You feel good about your life and don't feel the need to make any changes (Go ahead, girl!)


Let’s start your JOY revolution together.


I'm Nailah Blades Wylie, your adventure consultant! I started Color Outside as a safe place for women of color to come together and create unapologetic, soul stirring lives through outdoor adventures.  

I'm not just your run of the mill life coach. I'm a communications strategist and community builder who has worked with start-ups, fortune 500 companies, authors and individuals to create thriving, inclusive communities both online and off. My expertise is being able to parse through the muck and get to the heart of what make a person or brand special. I'm an expert of pulling out your secret sauce and teaching you how to best use it.  

I 100% understand the frustration of feeling like you're spinning your wheels. I know how it is to feel completely disconnected from who you are at your core — to feel listless, bored and stuck. But I've also seen firsthand the power of finding community, adventure, and targeted value-filled education to help you create a purpose-filled and joyful life. If you're ready for a more colorful and carefree life, I'm ready to help you make it happen. 

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